The mission of the Casa do Medronho’s project, organised by Marmelete Borough, in the Monchique Municipality, is to promote one the region’s oldest and most traditional activities: the distillation of the aguardente de medronho.

In this space, where a typical aguardente de medronho distillery is recreated, showing all the utensils used in the art of making an aguardente from the berries of a strawberry tree, visitors can not only taste the drink and products from the region, such as sausages and confectionary, but also discover many of the secrets involved in their production.

In addition to having a boiler that is fully operational during the usual working season, the various stages involved in obtaining the drink are described on the panels showing the whole process, from the harvesting to the fermentation of the must, as well as the drink’s distillation and bottling. A documentary is also shown, with images illustrating the entire process.

You can also get to know all of this firsthand. In partnership with the medronho producers and setting off from the Casa do Medronho, visitors are invited to go on a tour of the distilleries involved in this project, following a specially created itinerary. And you can become an active part of the entire production process (from the picking of the fruit to its distillation) by enrolling in the workshops promoted by the Casa do Medronho.

In summary, the Casa do Medronho aims to be a unique and differentiated space in Algarve, competing for the promotion and preservation of the ancestral art of obtaining an aguardente with unique characteristics, from the medronho berry.


Casa do Medronho Presentation