Far from the noise of the beaches and the bustle of the cities, albeit at the same time relatively close to them, Marmalete is an excellent destination for a quick trip away. Covering a territory of over 140 square kilometres, part of the Serra de Monchique, this borough in the hinterland of the Algarve has a huge variety of landscapes to enjoy.

When travelling over its roads, one can see how some climb to considerably high peaks, others make their way down to deep green valleys or are fuelled by watercourses, others are flanked by tiered terraces built by the population for different crops.

It is in this variety of panoramas, in a vast area limited to the north by the council of Odemira, to the south by the councils of Lagos and Portimão and to the west by the council of Aljezur, that the nine partner Aguardente de Medronho distilleries are located, each one of them with its protagonists and its experiences.

In addition to being a guide to the world of medronho for those visiting Marmalete, its purpose is also to invite you to meet some of the people of the borough who every year pull up their sleeves to prepare themselves for the distillation process and to share with them the aromas, ambiences and the secrets of this deeply-rooted and ancient activity of the region.